Digital Marketing


One of Digital Entrigue’s defining traits as a company is that we are not only a strong technical development and design company, but we are also committed to developing effective business and marketing strategies for our projects.

For website design projects, there are three major parts to consider in the overall success of your online strategy.

1) Your website
We often compare a partner’s website to the foundation of a house. Without a good foundation, it does not matter what or how you build on to that house if the structure that holds it upright is not properly developed. Similarly, a website forms the foundation of your online business. All of your online advertising, networking, promotions and strategies should stem from your website.

2) Your website’s search engine optimization (SEO)
A strong SEO strategy is important for your long-term success online. A well optimized website will generate organic traffic for your website over time, leading to sustainable online success. To learn more about how we help our partners with SEO, you can visit our SEO services page.

3) Your website’s marketing strategy
The third and final portion of your online growth strategy consists of the marketing and advertising efforts you pursue in combination with your website and SEO. Your marketing and advertising budget is exceptionally important to your continued success online.

At Digital Entrigue, we want to help you allocate your online marketing budget as efficiently and effectively as possible. The decisions behind how you spend your marketing and advertising dollars should be deliberate and in line with your overall business objectives.

Our team works with and guides our partners on the services below.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising’s greatest advantage is that it enables businesses to target and reach specific demographics. If run effectively, a Facebook advertising campaign can enable you as a business to target a specific niche market with content that is specifically tailored to their needs as a consumer.

Before starting a Facebook campaign, we sit down with our partners to discuss the avenues that they are currently pursuing online to reach their target customers. Following this discussion, we identify specific markets that may be underperforming for our partners as a result of poor targeting efforts. We then build an advertising campaign that seeks to reach these underperforming markets.

As your Facebook advertising campaign progresses, we provide you with regular updates on the performance of the campaign. We continually adapt our targeting during the campaign to ensure that you are always performing at an optimal level.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Have you ever completed a search on Google and noticed a list of websites at the top of the search pages with ‘Ad’ written next to them? These companies that your are seeing are running what are called ‘Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns.’ This form of marketing allows businesses to bid on specific keywords that they want their website link to show up for, paying for every click that comes through on the advertisement.

At Digital Entrigue, we are experts in building and monitoring PPC campaigns. We will work with you to identify and build a strategy around keywords related to your business and then implement and manage your campaign on your behalf.

Our team of content writers and designers will then create custom advertisements aimed at optimizing your click through rate for your listing. Our team will also create custom landing pages that will lead your target consumer to your desired call to action.

Content Strategy

Not all content is created equal. When it comes to your online business presence, how you talk about your brand and your product or service offerings can dramatically influence your marketing success.

Our team of content writers are committed to working with partners on their website, social media accounts and advertisement campaign’s content to effectively convey their key messages.

Our team of content writers is experienced in writing content structured for converting existing and potential customers. We diligently monitor the results of different content-based campaigns and landing pages to ensure your content is performing at optimal levels.

Conversion Optimization

So you have invested in a new website, you have an established SEO campaign and you have an advertising strategy, but is it working?

At Digital Entrigue, we work with you to establish metrics and tracking processes to ensure that your investment into your online brand is optimized and you are maximizing your results. These metrics and results are shared with our partners every month.