App Development


We are passionate about bringing our partners’ vision for the next big app to life.

Digital Entrigue has a dedicated team of designers, developers, and business strategists committed to building custom mobile and web applications. Our experienced technical team is equipped to develop applications across all platforms. Our team works together on all projects locally, maintaining direct communication with our partners throughout the entirety of the app design and development process.

In an increasingly complex and data driven technological world, fully customizable application solutions that allow businesses to organize their data and integrate their business processes are becoming the norm. Having a local team that understands the business culture of the region(s) you operate within as well as accessibility for consistent communication is crucial to ensuring the successful execution of your project.

Do you have an app you are looking to develop? Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our process and previous work.

App Development Costs

Determining the cost to develop your application requires a clear overview of the goals and functionality of your app, along with a clear sense of the industry you are working within.

At Digital Entrigue we are transparent and up front about our pricing. We are committed to providing our partners with design and development solutions that will suit both their budget and timeline. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, affordable app development solutions. Our strong technical background puts us in a position to ensure execution on all projects is superior.