Scarlet Hair Design

A Specialty Hair Salon

We began our process with Scarlet Design from scratch. Having no website prior to working with Digital Entrigue, Scarlet Hair Design was focused on establishing itself online with a bang. Scarlet Hair Design is a specialty hair salon whose owner placed heavy emphasis on visuals for showcasing a variety of examples of their work and services available to clients. In addition to showcasing their work, Scarlet Design wanted to find a way to highlight the Scarlet red that is so inter-linked to the company’s branding. To achieve our partner’s goals, we took the route of incorporating lots of black and white images so that the logo and Scarlet red elements stand out. This was strategically contrasted with hover over effects that display images in full colour when interacted with by the user to provide a visually unique feel to the website.

Key Deliverables:

  • • User Experience Design & Planning

  • • Responsive Website Design

  • • Custom Video Banner

  • • Custom Theme Development

  • • Media & Strategy

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