Our Development Process

Step 1: Getting To Know Your Business

At the start of all of our projects, we like to sit down with our partners to get to know more about their business. A strong understanding of your brand as well as your short and long term goals is critical to the success of any project. We want to know what makes you unique and allow those traits to become the focal point of your project.

Step 2: Strategy & Analysis

In this stage we will begin looking closely at your competitors and industry as a whole. We will assist you in identifying key items that need to be included into your project that will help position your business to better compete online against your competitors.

Step 3: Design & Feedback Stage

In this stage we will provide you with visual mock-ups of what your finished project may look like.

For website design projects, we provide our clients with two mock-up design templates. The first mock-up being the website’s home page while the second mock-up will be of a key landing page such as the about us or services/products page.

For app development projects, we provide our clients with mock-up designs for all major pages of the application. This is done to give you a good sense of the application’s flow.

Step 4: Development & Testing

Once we have received your approval for your designs, we will begin developing your website or application. You will be provided with periodic updates as we reach specific milestones while bringing your project to life.

Step 5: Quality Assurance & Project Launch

At this stage we will have completed development and are now focused on ensuring everything from both a design and functionality standpoint is perfect.

Our team will complete testing on your project to ensure that there are no bugs or errors. After this test is completed, our team will share the finished project with you to get your feedback and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results. Once your project passes our quality assurance phase, we are now ready to go live.

Step 6: Management & Growth Strategy

This is where we separate ourselves from your traditional design or development agency. At this stage, most companies will hand your project off to you and that will essentially be the end of your contact with them.

Once your project has gone live, our team will follow up with you to present you with a custom strategy package for how you can grow your business online. In addition, we also offer a variety of maintenance packages for our clients who need assistance in keeping their website or application running properly. These packages include care for things like system maintenance, security, updates and design changes. You can get more information about our maintenance packages by contacting our team.