What Makes Us Different?

• We were founded by developers

Many web development companies out there today are not in fact web developers at all.

Many of our competitors are experienced in working with content management systems like Wordpress or assisting you manage your template-built website, but very few of these companies are experienced in working with real code. The result is a cookie cutter website that blends in with the rest of the web.

At Digital Entrigue we pride ourselves on being able to create powerful custom websites and applications that stand out from your competitors. Our experienced development team works with our partners to develop stunning and engaging projects that will enable their business to thrive online.

• We understand that websites and applications are powerful business tools

While modern design and visual appeal are important to us, we also know that design alone is not enough to succeed online.

At Digital Entrigue we work with our partners to create an online strategy that will achieve their business goals. We do this by creating tracking metrics that provide our partners with key statistics that increase our partners’ business intelligence base, allowing our partners to better understand their consumers’ online behaviors.

About Our Company

Digital Entrigue is a premier technical consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta. Since inception, Digital Entrigue has enabled its partners to create custom websites and applications, and grow their online presence through SEO, content strategy and social media management.

Looking To Start A Project With Us?

Deciding on the right company to partner with for your website or application can be a difficult process.

We want to help make this process easier for you.

Connect with a member of our team today and tell us about your project. We will provide you with a free quote and consultation to assist you in choosing the right partner.

We are confident that our team of designers, developers and marketing experts can provide a solution that is perfect for you and your business’ needs.