Why You Should Build Your App Locally

We love our apps. 




Apps are an integral part of our everyday lives.

So much so that we take our apps for granted, forgetting that behind every one of our favourite apps there is a team of developers who worked to bring them to life.

Behind every successful app is a strong and passionate development team. When it comes to developing your own app, having a team with these qualities is essential.

You need a team whom you trust and can deliver on their promises.

Every app is unique and complex. As important tools in our everyday business and personal lives, apps need to be made with the end user in mind every step of the way.

Strong communication between your development team and the core individuals overseeing the project is therefore extremely important. Without strong communication, you risk losing focus of the project’s key deliverables and failure to bring your vision for the project to life successfully.

To combat these challenges, having a local app development team is vital to ensuring your project stays on track.

Building your application with a local development team allows you the opportunity to be more involved with the creation of your project. Additionally you will be able to identify inconsistencies early on and address them immediately.

When you develop your app overseas, the common miscommunications you will experience are a lack of understanding of your target market, language barriers and the inability to meet face-to-face. 

Developing your app locally will combat these common miscommunications.

Local development teams are experienced with dealing with your target market, making it easier for local development teams to understand your end users’ needs. 

Developing locally also eliminates the language barrier that often exists with overseas developers whose primary language is often not English. 

Lastly, developing locally allows your business the opportunity to meet with your development team face-to-face. This enables you to catch errors and inconsistencies before your app reaches the final stages of its development life.

The importance of communicating project timelines

Having the ability to quickly address and correct errors before your app reaches critical milestones is also essential to ensuring your project stays on track with your original timeline.

All too often, overseas development teams will go on for weeks, even months, executing your project incorrectly only to find out that they need to go back and start over. Miscommunications are magnified with long distance tech teams which results in major delays to your app’s development progress.  

The cost of developing quality

Cost is an important consideration for businesses when choosing their app development partner.

Offshore tech companies are often able to charge less for their services due to lower employee compensation standards. As a result, many businesses choose to develop their applications with these offshore companies.

Although it is true that offshore companies often charge less for their services, you generally get what you pay for. Unfortunately we see businesses choose to work with offshore companies with the goal of cutting costs all too often. The result is almost always disappointment and incomplete work.

Businesses that make this mistake end up having to come back to local development teams such as Digital Entrigue to rebuild their entire project. This ends up costing businesses significantly more time, money and frustration. 

While the lower costs of developing overseas can be tempting, the reality is that the critical resources required for communication and quality management are best served by a local development team.