What is SEO and why does it matter?

A common question we receive from our clients is what is SEO is and is it something they need for their business?

If you too are wondering what SEO is all about, today’s post is for you!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your company’s ranking on a search engine such as Google or Bing. Business’ that utilize SEO best practices on their website benefit from showing up earlier in search engine results, generating more traffic for their website.

Enhancing your business’ SEO will enable to you to connect Internet users with your website instead of your competitors when users search keywords related to your products or services. 

In a world where online shopping is flourishing, many businesses are beginning to discover the importance of improving their SEO in order to compete online.

Today we will share with you three different SEO strategies that can start implementing today to improve your business’ search engine rankings.

1. Silo your website

Siloing refers to the way that you organize and structure the content on your website internally.

Search engines such as Google will crawl your website looking for what is called a sitemap. A sitemap is a XML document which explains to Google the way your website is siloed, or in other words, structured.

Websites that are well-siloed posses a homepage that provides general information, while effectively providing navigation to more specific sections of your website. These sections are organized based on keywords and categories that your business is trying to rank for.

To help with this process, your website should contain topical and concise titles and headings so that it is easy for Google and your user to understand what content will follow.

Another helpful tip to help your user find content that is related to their original query is to utilize meta description tags. Meta description tags are embedded in to the back-end code of your website and they help search engines like Google identify what type of content is on each page of your site. This is enables Google to link users to your webpage when Google receives search queries related to your webpage’s content.

To use Meta tags effectively, ensure they are concise and free of repetitive language that is already included on meta descriptions for other pages.

2. Optimize your content

Some simple but effective strategies you can use to optimize your website’s content are to focus on your writing, web links, images and videos.

Your website should contain original writing that is concise and infused with keywords that are relevant to the topic being discussed. This may sound simple, but many business’ fail to research keywords that are related to their business. This results in many business’ missing the opportunity to connect with users who are searching for their products or services.

Another helpful writing tip to help improve your SEO is to include web links within your text. By connecting your website with other relevant, reputable websites, you are able to share in some of the benefits of their SEO results which inevitably improves your SEO.

Note, it is important to use a variety of different phrases when linking text to other websites as well as within your own. For example, you want to avoid repeatedly using link text that reads, “click here” or “article.”

Search engines like descriptive links that can be easily translated by Google so that it’s more effective in connecting users with content related to their search queries.

Along with effective writing, adding images and videos around your text that are related to the topic being discussed will enhance your SEO.

However, be sure that when you are adding images and videos to your website that you are utilizing photo and video optimization software. A common mistake Business’ make is adding images and videos that are low quality and have a file size that is too large for the web. This results in slowing down your website and negatively effecting your SEO.

3. Promote your website

Two ways that you can promote your website that will improve your SEO are social media and third party endorsements.

If you do not already utilize social media for your business, it is time to consider starting. Connecting your business’ social media accounts to your website improves your SEO. This can easily be done by including an icon with a link within your website.

Another effective strategy for promoting your website is by having your website mentioned or linked by reputable third party websites relevant to your industry.

Search engines regard the inclusion of your website’s URL link by third party websites to be a sign that your webpage is reputable. The more reputable website links embedded in your site, the more your SEO will improve.

These three strategies are sure to help improve your business’ SEO.

However it is important to note that these strategies take careful planning and time to take effect.

Navigating the world of SEO can be challenging.

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